The foregoing is only a brief summary of the Company's privacy policy, which governs your privacy in the application.

Privacy Policy

1. Sharing data

AntiLand never shares you data with third parties.

2. Storing data

AntiLand stores only the data it needs to function properly. All the messages are self-destructing.

Anonymous Messages

AntiLand stores 50 last messages per chat by default, so that you can access these messages from any of your devices anytime. Featured, public and regional group chat founders have an option to store more messages in their chats. The messages are stored anonymously for a limited time. Then they are automatically deleted. Every message shared is sent with a randomly generated identifier of the sender, without any personal data of the sender, such as phone number, location or email.


If you want to flirt or confess anonymously with your personal contacts, you should sync your contacts list.

We do not send your contacts to third parties.

Your phone number

When register your account, you opt to set up a password recovery phone number. This number will only be used to send you a password recovery code, if you forget it.

3. Deleting data


If you would like to delete your account, press Settings -> Privacy -> Delete Account. Then Log out. If you do not access your account within 30 days after that, it will be automatically deleted and you will never be able to access your chats again.

Message self-destruction

All private messages in AntiLand app are self-destructing. We store only 50 last messages per private chat per device for a limited time. Messages are stored for a limited amount of time necessary for communication, and then deleted forever from both servers and devices.